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SNAP of Gallia County
PO Box 86
Gallipolis, Ohio 45631

Helping people

help their pets

Welcome to

Spay Neuter Assistance Program


Gallia County

If you are a resident of Gallia County and need spay/neuter assistance,

you can fill out our application here.

Please follow all instructions and fill out accurately the first time.


We run on donations, so please consider

contributing to our cause.

You can also use our Debit Card, and

order the Pet Friendly License Plate

the next time you renew!

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Debit Card to Benefit SNAP

Get your Pet Friendly

License Plate to Help Fund

Spay/Neuter Services across Ohio

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Thank you to the following individuals, organizations, and businesses for donations and/or

help during our Bingo fundraiser on October 8. We appreciate you so much.

Your contributions will help spay or neuter a lot of cats and dogs!


Marge Adkins

Acquisitions Jewelry

Bill & Joy Beaver

Gail Belville

Morgan Benitez

Emily Best

Phyllis Edmiston Brown

Zane & Clarissa Carroll

Lois Carter

Jim & Chris Myers-Cozza

Betty Davis

Julie Dragoo

Elite Look

Bob Evans Farm

Margaret Evans

Carla Fields

​Mary Floyd

French City Press

French Town Veterinary Clinic

Friends of Gallia County’s Animals

Jenny Hager

Kelly Hager

Karen Steinbeck Hill

Holzer Gift Shop

McKean Family Farm

Mason County Kitty Korral

     TNR Program

Kevin Nicholas

Wendy Knox

Ohio Valley Bank

Ohio Valley Symphony

Virginia Owens

​Mike & Linda Plymale

Mallory Roach

Beau Sang, State Farm


Shake Shoppe

David Smalley

Donna Smith

Seraphia Snodgrass

Andrea Strauch

Gary & Jill Strauch

Tope’s Furniture


Bernice Wells

Carla Willis

Laurie Woodard

Why Spay/Neuter?


Pet overpopulation, high rates of euthanasia, health issues, behavior difficulties - just some of the problems tackled by spaying and neutering. We want to help if we can.

Summer is Here


All animals step up breeding this time of year. Make sure yours are spayed or neutered, and kept indoors. Keeping pets inside is also the safest and healthiest for them. Summer heat can quickly kill. 

Never Give Animals as Gifts


As enticing as it might seem to picture a loved one holding a puppy or kitten on a birthday or holiday, resist the urge. Surprise pets are the worst, but even if the person wants a pet, it's much better to visit a shelter together, and let them pick out the animal.

Did you know that kittens in the same litter can have different fathers? It's true. This is because a female cat releases multiple eggs over the course of a few days when she is in heat and can mate with several different toms. So, please, have your male cat neutered as well as your female cat.

Two easy ways to help the animals:


Make a secure donation to SNAP using your PayPal account, or a credit card.





Pet Friendly Plate

Help fund spay/neuter programs as you spread the message everywhere you drive! Order the Ohio Pet Friendly license plate.





Visit us on Facebook

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