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We are no longer able to provide assistance with the spaying or neutering of dogs 50 pounds or over. We recommend you contact Help for Animals in Barboursville, West Virginia (very close to the Huntington Mall). The low-cost spay and neuter clinic is available to anyone, regardless of income. Their phone number is 800-953-7297. You can access the cost of the spay or neuter by visiting they website at We apologize for the inconvenience but this situation is beyond our control.

We received a $1,000 grant from the Ohio Pet Fund!

You can support this worthwhile endeavor by

securing a pet-friendly license plate or making a donation.

Why Spay/Neuter?


Pet overpopulation, high rates of euthanasia, health issues, behavior difficulties - just some of the problems tackled by spaying and neutering. We want to help if we can.

SNAP of Gallia County's Role


If you need assistance with your pet, take a look at the Help page to see what we can do. Or, if you would like to support our efforts, go to the Help page to see what you can do.

Never Give Animals as Gifts


As enticing as it might seem to picture a loved one holding a puppy or kitten on a birthday or holiday, resist the urge. Surprise pets are the worst, but even if the person wants a pet, it's much better to visit a shelter together, and let them pick out the animal.

Summer is Still Baby Time


Spring brings about new life, both wild and domestic, and it continues into summer. Every year at this time shelters and rescues are swamped with kittens. Please spay or neuter your dogs and cats, and keep your pets inside. It's safer and healthier.


These are three easy ways to help the animals:


Make a secure donation to SNAP using your PayPal account, or a credit card.




Shop at Amazon using the Smile program, and SNAP receives a percentage of your purchase total.


Pet Friendly Plate

Help fund spay/neuter programs as you spread the message everywhere you drive! Order the Ohio Pet Friendly license plate.





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SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program) of Gallia County

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