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We can only assist low-income

residents of Gallia County.



Spay/Neuter Application


Please complete accurately

the first time.

We will NOT process

incomplete forms.

This is a nonprofit organization funded by personal donations and fundraisers. You must be a low-income resident of Gallia County to apply for assistance. Everyone is required to pay, and the copay must be paid in advance. A prepayment card will be mailed to you. We use French Town Veterinary Clinic for dogs (up to 49 pounds) and cats, and Kirkpatrick Animal Hospital for cats and dogs that are any weight.

This is the total income of all household members, including jobs, disability, food stamps, alimony, child support, retirement, social security, etc. Do NOT enter "0" as a total.

Are you employed?


Please include only those dogs in need of spaying or neutering.

YOU  MUST  INCLUDE  WEIGHT  OF  DOGS, or we will NOT process your application. If you are unsure of your dog’s weight, please take it to a vet and have it weighed.

Have they had shots?
Have they been to a vet?
Are the dogs kept inside or outside?


Please include only those cats in need of spaying or neutering.

Have they had shots?
Have they been to a vet?
Are the cats kept inside or outside?

Thanks for submitting!

This application was revised July 2023. All other versions will not be processed.

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