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Gallia County Spay/Neuter Services


Angela Shelton, DVM

French Town Veterinary Clinic

360 SR 160

Gallipolis OH 45631


Help for Animals

One Humane Way, PO Box 250
Barboursville, WV 25504

Kirkpatrick Animal Hospital

5205 Kanawha Valley Rd.

Henderson, WV 25106


Help Fund Spay/Neuter

in Ohio

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Helpful Information on Pet Care

Feral Cat Information


What is a feral cat? What does TNR mean, and does it really work? Many people have these questions, and the following websites are the very best in comprehensive feral and TNR information:

Alley Cat Allies 


Resolving Serious Pet Situations


Dealing with a Variety of Serious Pet Issues  (i.e., custody battles, neighbor conflicts, landlord/tenant disputes, etc.)

Domestic Violence and Pets 

What to Do When Your Pet has been Harmed  (i.e., injury or death caused by someone else, vet negligence, police shootings, etc.)

What to Do When You Witness Animal Cruelty 

Relinquishing a Pet or Turning in a Stray


Unfortunately, SNAP is not equipped to take in stray or unwanted animals.

Friends of Gallia County's Animals

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